OU Campus Version 10 -
A New Foundation for the Future

by Lance Merker on January 28, 2014

Colleges and universities want the very best for their web content management system (CMS). They want next generation, best-of-breed, user-friendly, and extensible.

Because our focus is on how to better serve our favorite people (our customers working in higher education), we've worked feverishly to deliver OU Campus version 10. And, we were thrilled when it was released on December 30, 2013. We were even more pleased when more than 150 customers attended the online training kickoff on January 7.

Missed out on the first training and wondering what all the buzz is about? Here's a summary of all the cool stuff that comes with version 10.0.

Version 10.0 Unveiled

The first thing you'll notice is that OU Campus has been reinvented with a new and improved user interface. But it is still the OU Campus you have come to know and love.

One of our beta testers said it best: "It's still OU Campus, it's just better."

That's exactly the response we were hoping for. One of our objectives was to dramatically improve usability without drastically changing the user experience. More than 700 college and university websites are managed with OU Campus – that's a lot of CMS users. No one wants a new system that requires extensive new training. We get it. We got it. Good.

With the addition of drag-and-drop functionality everywhere, it's even easier to upload files directly from your desktop, add images to a gallery, move files from one location to another, and so much more.

Drag-and-Drop from Images Gadget
Drag-and-Drop from Images Gadget

OU Campus GadgetsVersion 10 delivers the fastest experience to date, meaning you can finish more in less time.

And the new Gadgets make tasks quick and easy. Customize your Dashboard and sidebar with Gadgets to quickly view and access inbox messages, checked out files, and more.

A whole lot more is coming during this first quarter of 2014. So, check our blog for more news about additional functionality scheduled for release.

Tell me more!

Join us at our 2014 User Training Conference in March and dive into the details of version 10. We've got a variety of sessions and training workshops to help users of all levels get acquainted with this latest version of OU Campus.

Finally, don't forget to contact support@omniupdate.com to get your v10 upgrade in motion. We hope all customers will be using version 10 by the end of summer!

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