What Images Do College-Bound Students Want to See on Your Website?

by Sara Arnold on April 25, 2017

Girls Playing College VolleyballSmiling College Girl

If you guessed Image A above, you're correct! According to the just published 2016 E-Expectations Report, 75% of high school juniors and seniors prefer images of student life and non-academic activities. Prospective students want to envision themselves on your campus.

What else are prospective students' wanting to find on your website? Here are five other must-haves from the 2016 E-Expectations Report:

  1. Job placement and grad school placement statistics - prospective students want to know what they are going to get out of their investment in your school
  2. Testimonials and quotes from current students and alumni - prospective students want to see if your school is the right fit for them
  3. Mobile-friendly enrollment-related forms - prospective students are on the go and expect you to be, too
  4. Videos that show your institution's unique value proposition - prospective students want to understand what you are about and how you stand apart from other schools they are considering
  5. Cost and tuition information - prospective students want to know how much they can expect to pay for their education

How do these interests differ as students transition from their junior to senior year of high school? Download the 2016 E-Expectations Report to dive deeper and get recommendations on how you can more effectively attract, interact, and engage on the road to enrollment.

For more than 10 years, the E-Expectations series has studied the expectations and behaviors of thousands of college-bound high school students as well as their parents. You don't want to miss out on this insightful research.


Download the 2016 E-Expectations Report today!

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