Setup Drop Down with Custom Dictionaries

Maintaining a large college or university website with numerous contributors, sites, and pages can be challenging, especially when it comes to consistency and standardization. One of the biggest hurdles to the usability of these big sites is in keeping an agreed upon vocabulary, naming, and labeling system. Our equivalent in OU Campus v10 is Custom Dictionaries with a new and improved user interface.



The help you receive, the connections you make, and the things you will learn here are invaluable.

Six years past our implementation date and a year after OmniUpdate revamped the Lock Haven University website with the help of an outside consultant, I finally made it to the OmniUpdate User Training Conference. So, what did I get from those four days with the OmniUpdate crew?



With OmniUpdate's assistance, I was able to travel to some great conferences that I normally wouldn't be able to attend.

As an OmniUpdate customer and active user of OU Campus, I've had the pleasure of sharing the success I've had with the product at a various higher education conferences over the last two years. The subject I've presented on is "Control vs. Freedom: Balancing Editorial Freedom and Site-wide Consistency in a Faculty Website."