Don't be everywhere until you can be awesome everywhere you are.

Continuity and consistency count in today's organizational communications. The same holds true for your social channels. Your social presence doesn't occur in a vacuum on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat, but is connected to everything else you do. Most importantly, it should be connected to your website.



OUTC15 Customer of the Year

Sadly, another OmniUpdate User Training Conference (OUTC) has come to an end. So many fabulous things happened at OUTC15! OmniUpdate President and CEO, Lance Merker, did a great job kicking off our Monday morning session. The 2014 Gadget Challenge winners were recognized, as well as our well-deserved 2015 Customer of the Year. Several new programs were discussed, plus, there were so many great customer and partner presentations and topic tables.



Fulbright Review

Almost all colleges and universities have some sort of print magazine. One question though: How do you know the number of people that actually read the magazine? There's a relatively simple solution to lower costs, gain valuable readership statistics, and more effectively deliver content to your magazine readers: take your magazine online using OU Campus.