The web used to be seen as a task or project belonging to either IT or Marketing. There is only a minor reference to it in their long list of responsibilities. Then one day they realize they've been ambushed. They find themselves accountable, perhaps unofficially, for what's happening on the web. Everyone expects them to do their full-time jobs and make their part of the website amazing... yet no one cares how. These people need help!




Some institutions simply need to get their current site up and running with a CMS as quickly as possible. This need for speed is often driven by a higher institutional mandate such as improving site security or web accessibility, adding mobile or online catalog capabilities, or simply getting their content and branding under control. Their current solution may lack the functionality to get it done quickly or is simply too difficult for their content contributors to use.



OU Mashup

In today's social world, media feeds are scattered and visitors have to navigate away from your website to get the latest scoop. Why not keep them on your site to get updates? Our newest module for our OU Campus web content management system does just that. OU Mashup creates an interactive focal point for social engagement on your website.