Consulting Consultant

Let's talk consultants. A quality design consultant can be a boon. The time savings alone can be well worth the investment. But a poorly vetted consultant can lead to lost site visitors. Once you've decided a consultant is in your school's best interests, you should start the process by gathering your people and going through a checklist before you contract with the consultant.



Unofficial Websites

A modern content management system (CMS) is designed to address the web and digital marketing needs of your institution. The problem is that a lot of colleges and universities use older systems that lack in functionality and don't have user buy-in. Because of this, website content is sometimes created outside the scope of the CMS that can weaken your marketing efforts. Empower your users to create web and digital marketing content without going rogue!



v10 Gadgets

Not so deep under the skin of an OU Campus installation is the _resources folder. It's a vital part of the content management system and contains your templates, scripts, design, and the XSL that transforms your content. It's nothing to be scared of. Just make sure you do your backups and you should be able to tinker away or solve any issues that might arise.